i think we’ll just use this deck because the stick is working.well for me ever since. i got my goblin belt to level 13 we need 447 Giants.hopefully we can get that mini but let’s go . start opening up these chests . we’re also going to read some comments.. i’m going to start out a little bit slow because it’s hard to focus on two different things at once but anyways the first comment is dear Chris are you going to stream your shield spell challenge if.when the thing is unfortunately YouTube isn’t like perfect for live-streaming yet like. i noticed that my live streams negative many views it is like normal videos ..it’s like it’s not where it needs to be unfortunately for me to livestream.like that’s kind of sad but. i will definitely make a video on it . it will be uploaded once the heal spell challenge comes out until you . all the tips that. i know about how to win it . we’re going to get twelve wings for sure but if you want to finish up we’re going to check next comments.next comment we only have two today . i’m sorry that’s lacking but this comment is K.a’s max level but is still not that video. i literally want every single battle so. i don’t know what . i’m doing wrong it’s like don’t consume please tell me what . i’m doing wrong it’s like do. i do. i do like do. i play awfully is that why. i think. i saw her like what it’s like someone please.so we got a graveyard ..now we’re going to open up these chests superfast because we’d have a lot to open we just open oh my gosh we hook the notes just.that . let’s let’s bison with wagons of gold first because we need a lot of this.we’re going to get four of those.we have four hundred seventy four thous. gold.let’s go . finish up opening these chests now. i don’t know if you . want me to open slow or if you want me to open fast some people like seeing what . i’m getting .. i actually do too because like. i want to know like which cards are getting to max which will not see like it that one’s pretty close to level snack we’re getting a lot of lava hounds today but so. i don’t. i don’t know if you . want me to open it fast or slow. i was really good wait well. i guess we’ll just like switch off your chest that way we’re not taking too long because we do have a lot of chests open but we got ice golem Inferno tower mortar battle RAM. i think. i can do max already game that’s crazy liner night . this one will open fast. i don’t know why it’s just like really quite an opening check really fast lately with who that that’s crazy . well . i’m sorry you get to try want to see this.we got a wizard guards arrows which skeleton army burning . a spark you dude we’re getting a lot of Sparky’s we cannot pray that probably. i can upgrade it but. i mean that’s still pretty cool.goblin mega minion minion Pekka bomb tower . lightning.we need more epic we need more epic 4,800 gold 91 bombers of our brain has. i think we could already maxed out our very nice.we’re actually getting a lot of gold from our already completed cards.that’s really cool since we’re since we already have a couple of rares . epics maxed out we’re probably getting like let’s see how much go we live from that.904 max from a max out rare but yeah we’re going to be getting a lot of gold.we might not have to buy like a bunch of gold from now on.while having which is that could probably go to a late.we just have a few of our gems left 40 mm . that’s out of years ..let’s see gaba heights night bomber we’re just getting a bunch of ball right now we can almost upgrade three months of tiers to next level . that’s to be super good because then. i can use in the ladder because right now a fireball will take them out completely . it’s like it just makes it totally not worth it to use them.if. i can get that max out that would be really cool start gobbling well we can upgrade our college . lava hound. i wonder if lava hounds going to be the first level 5 legendary that’ll be pretty crazy but let’s go finish up smoking please Bahrain heights . clones oh no legendary on that one that kind of sucks 3000 a have a gold old oh dang.close.close rock did dear goblins baby dragon . expose.expose are actually pretty good on the ladder it seems like I’ve faced a couple of them . they they’re really hard to battle . they’re really annoying to battle too but we got spear goblins executioner’s – that’s not by level eight battle ran . race them.we only have a few chests left.let’s go have a nice the top we have 600,000 Gulf that is a lot of gold rage dire goblin Inferno tower Giants oh . we’re only at 600. i mean it’s good that we got Giants but like seriously colectomy Giants give me Giants. i want to use it today oh. i didn’t see if that got max out or not. i actually click too fast rocket arrows princess . Giants token all right.3,700 gold sixty-four. i experienced a mini Pekka tombstone just getting a lot of gold here ice golem mirror . the princess that’s almost level four. i don’t really use the princess though that was our last chest dang it well we can do a lot of upgrades unfortunately we can’t operate the giant again. i don’t know what. i don’t know why why why why am. i not getting giants.we can’t upgrade three months to choose we need ten more dang it.we can actually upgrade it skeleton army to level eight.we have another maxed out epic now . this is in my normal push deck.that’s going to be super helpful we can operate the giant skeleton no cool legendaries to upgrade let’s upgrade battle ramp.the max level because. i really like the battle ramp maybe we could use it if we get Musketeers upgraded to max level . we can use the battle RAM three musketeer deck which would be really cool let’s upgrade our table . mega minion as well.we have 250,000 goal left let’s just upgrade which .