then hopefully I’ll be able to take up a win.there’s obviously space in my car.if you’re at 20 hundred silver to join the proactive we do to get with TSM chest then. i got TiVo arms my time to relax get in there.that’s pretty cool another teen companies for mobile right now . hopefully we can take off a win against locks year 5920.let’s just see what happens oh . drops my segment on the right h. side . yeah that’s a new low it vanish with there is respect carrying the dance my shoulders for me or for the opponent but my level settings their guns were like fuzzy under me you were pregnant but. i can’t memories doesn’t yeah this right here is in the game not sure whether he was full well they didn’t mother too mushy dirty desires he probably had to fly ball instead of on human fireball that kept me love probably not the case . now. i can uh nardin eyes how to freeze up yeah the tower a lot from supports is still a lot from to reply this is panicking stainless Rena . we’re going to take the loop.close friends but does he used it to them which you probably didn’t want to do.yeah that is pretty well that works pretty well describes my finger.these are these clearly negative you might even let me Jenna remaining . now our evos residents can get damaged come on lunch hour each night . . you not only with but the kitchen which damage we did to that side we actually took it out within one it a level 12 very helps out in defense mode can see there’s a little bit more damage . it’s awesome to rub it from the stern of light the exercise my new level book right say that Prince. i should hope to get one job in mp 1 . now we’re going to get hard in the back totally shut down these saw me leave it here no damage. i do. i shouldn’t feel quite bad for him so. i did actually facing on yesterday was level 10 hours . they tried to do. i read my minion horde . you want to happened if you are at the three levels below two million horn the minion horde survives that’s quite funny some made well obviously. i didn’t see young guy from you get up .. i saved it for me first but he didn’t. i want to test this some deep level 12 we meet I’ll finish off the mega man in the comments . we can kill it a magnum without doing any damage next’s in drop all this stuff over here . hope we can kill these skeletons . leave our whole greater life . now something he dropped off our oil giant if you can get the tower school try . get it. i know them to defend.listen drop us off princess over here we’re gonna suck as well he didn’t take the tower . time feel free to do it. i don’t think he was unlucky yeah while we.first but he finds pretty funny out pretty.pretty what . . i’m very much watching if you enjoyed this burning serious row 25 thous. trophies it’s just only getting started on this channel to make sure you subscribe to you teacher up those see if. i make it recurrently useful me up to save a half way to 4300 .. i shall have a load of upgrades to do for my cards so. i can just get mark see in the future .. i do have Casey level three legendary to log homes r z- but we do have a couple of levels fixes ethics as well the start prints for you under which pretty sure yet the bridge hits off for any logos 20 times watch . this is the back common enemy using if you want to try it works really block .. i thought I’ve really got to say.once the end thank you very much watching comment on below times we think subscribe to my channel if you knew nice video if you haven’t already . a button up artists in the next video please
[Applause] hey Patrick time to clash with Kim so. i felt bad because the last video where. i wasted 140,000 jest with my video got corrupted you . were pretty bummed you wanted to see it well we’re doing it again we have 140,000 Jen . some people were saying that you know they’re sad that the Jenny series is over well it’s not because we still have maxed out cards all our cards need to be maxed first to do this except for yeah except for you know legendary we’re getting pretty close but we’re still not done yet . we do have four days nine hours until the next season.we want to be fully maxed out by then.we got to get crazy because we’re getting close to the 2d at to the end there to that what’s this word deadlines there you go. i did make it to any personal record we’re at five thous. five hundred eighty six.we’re ranked 1144 in the world.that’s pretty crazy.let’s going to start opening up some chests . today. i want to use this deck but in order to use this deck we need a level 11 giant.if we don’t get level 11 then.