Pokemon Go hack Cheats ios android full tips and tricks for pokecoins

Pokemon Go hack Cheats ios android full tips and tricks  for pokecoins


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what’s up trainers I’m Nick  .  this episode is going to be a tutorial on how to find the exact IVs of all your Pokemon at the same time  . If you have no idea what  . I these are let me explain they’re essentially a hidden stat that can raise the power of your Pokemon a Pokemon with higher IVs will have higher maximum CP  .


If you want a full explanation you can check out this video here before we go any further  . I have to give credit to Reddit user alattar 1313 for writing the original guide that helped me underst .  this method  . If it wasn’t for his guide  . I would have no idea pokemon go hack generator  this –  pokemon go hack generator no survey android ios  this  https://vk.com/topic-125842090_35275797 –   https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGoCheatsHackGeneratorbox/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf and https://twitter.com/i/moments/866307759234441217   how to do this after our last video about research on IVs a lot of you guys asked for a video tutorial on how to use this method so here it comes  . I just wanna warn you guys this is a really complicated process the way that it works is by setting up a proxy that reads network traffic between your app  .  niantic servers to intercept data  .  find the exact IVs of your Pokemon it’s going to require some pretty technical steps so  .


If you’re not up to it don’t feel bad you can always use the IV calculators that I’ve listed in the description to get started there’s two things you need to download the first is Charles proxy which is available at Charles proxy comm links for everything will be in the description down below Charles is free to download for a 30-day trial it’ll have some annoying pop-ups asking you to buy the full version  .  you can just ignore those there might be other proxy software that you can use  .  for this tutorial this is the one that  . I was taught the second thing you’ll need is a copy of this Ivy parser spreadsheet there’s a link to make a copy straight to your google drive in the description once you’ve installed Charles proxy you’ll need to configure Wi-F . I settings on your phone to run through the proxy this differs between devices  .  on  . roid 6.0 you’ll press  .  hold on the network you want to use hit modify network open the Advanced Options  .  set up the proxy the proxy host name is your computer’s IP address on a Mac you can find this by going to system preferences  .  clicking on network it’ll show you your IP address right here to find your IP address on Windows you’ll want to hit the start  . ton type CMD to open comm .  prompt  .  in comm .  prompt type ipconfig look for the entry that’s named ipv4 address  .  that’s your local IP address so now  . I enter that address as the proxy hostname  .  the port is 888 aight hit save  .  you’re good to go now back in Charles you need to configure SSL for the proxy to do this click help go to SSL proxying  .  install Charles root certificate now back on your phone you need to install the certificate to do this you go to Charles proxy calm / get ssl it’s going to prompt you to download a file which you’ll do i’m just going to hit replace file to show you guys how it works once it’s downloaded hit open named the certificate whatever you want i’m naming it Charles hit OK  .  it’s installed back in Charles you need to set up proxying settings for Pokemon go to do this you hit proxy  .  go to SSL proxying settings  .


I already have the address here  .  i’ll remove it  .  add it again to show you guys what you want to enter is p go release dot niantic labs com  .  the port is an asterisk meaning it can be any port once that’s done hit OK back on your phone you’ll want to open pokemon go back in Charles you’ll want to scroll down the list on the side  .  find the address we entered earlier p go release niantic labs com exp .  that list open the folder with numbers for a name  .  you’re going to want to choose one of these RPC entries usually it’s the first or second on the right side click on the response tab  .  you want to choose hex down at the bottom Charles will crash  . If it defaults to HTML so in this case we need to restart Charles once you restart Charles to prevent it from crashing again choose a different entry on your list hit response  .  change it to hex now you can go back into P go release open the folder choose the RPC  .  it should load straight into hex to find the right entry you’re going to want to look here on the right side  .  look for your trainer named once you find your trainer named you’ll know you have the right entry now back on the left side right click on the name of the response you’re looking at  .  choose view response as protocol buffers click OK on the box  .  then choose protobuf text down at the bottom click inside the box  .  press ctrl a or comm .  a to select everything  .  copy it now it’s time to go back to the spreadsheet that we downloaded earlier click the top of the a column to select everything  .  delete it now choose cell a1  .  paste the data you copied from Charles you’ll see a progress bar over here on the right side as the spreadsheet works to decode everything you just paste it in once it’s done  .  the bar disappears click on the output tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet  .  there it is a list of all your pokemons with their see PHP individual values  .  percent perfection you can click the arrows at the top of the columns to sort  .  now  . I have my pokemons listed by their percent perfection so that’s it  . I know it’s confusing  .  you might need to watch it a few times to get it right  .  right now it’s the fastest  .  most accurate way to get your pokemons ivs I’ve linked to the original text tutorial in the description so  . If reading along helps you follow instructions go ahead  .  check that out hopefully in the future someone will create a script or program that does all this automatically  .  for now this is the best we have  .

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